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PAT inspection of 240 volt appliances

This is quite likely the most common style of appliance you will have in your office or shop environment.

We can test and inspect all types of 240 volt equipment from fan heaters to computers, disco equipment to washing machines, bottle fridges to glass washers.

During the test we will inspect the plugs, flex, casing and general suitability of the appliance for the task it is performing in the environment where it is located.

We can also inspect interconnecting leads and extensions. Checking for over loading and offer advice on the safe use of these leads if required


PAT inspection of 110 and
415 volt appliances

BGL PAT Testing are regularly instructed to test site tooling that operates at 110 volts.

We can inspect all site style equipment whether you are a contractor or site operator. We test for many self employed electricians, carpenters, plumbers, builders also construction sites.

All we ask for on site is a safe, dry environment for us to work in. We carry a range of adaptors for inspecting 415 volt appliances too


Temperature verification

BGL PAT Testing are often instructed to visit public houses, restaurants and hotels to inspect the electrical appliances listed on an inventory pending sale or transfer to a new operator.

One of the checks we perform during these visits is a check on the operating temperature of fridges, freezers, ovens and fryers.

This test is not a requirement for PAT inspections but is useful to determine if a refrigeration unit is performing well or a fryer is likely to overheat. It can also be useful to check the accuracy of a thermostat

UK socket.png

Socket verification

BGL PAT Testing will perform a visual inspection of all sockets your appliances are connected to whilst performing the PAT test at your premises.

This is a free visual check that is listed as a requirement in our Code of Practice for inspection and testing. We are simply looking for evidence of over heating or damage. For an additional fee, we can also connect our test equipment to the sockets to verify correct polarity.

Let us know if you would like this additional service when making your first enquiry with us.

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